“Z” is for Zolensky – Family Photos at Radnor Lake | Kevin Scott Banks Photography

“Z” is for Zolensky – Family Photos at Radnor Lake

It was an overcast and dreary day when the Zolensky Family and I met up for their photo session. But that kind of day can actually make for really good photos. We capitalized on the soft, cloudy light and the lingering bit of fall color that still remained at Radnor Lake.

There were several candid moments during the session that really showed off each of their personalities – something I try hard to capture. At one point, my assistant was setting up a light, so I decided to take a few test shots, and ended up getting my favorite shot from this session – the black and white with them sitting on the fence. Sometimes the best photos happen when they’re not supposed to! I also loved the silhouette shot at sunset.

Their handsome little son provided some fun moments as well. On a side note, he totally reminds me of myself at his age. Very adventurous and energetic.

Check out a few of the highlights from their session below!

Zolensky_Family_141122_17_48-7 Zolensky_Family_141122_17_50-23-Edit Zolensky_Family_141122_17_31-3 Zolensky_Family_141122_17_38-4 Zolensky_Family_141122_18_01-15 Zolensky_Family_141122_18_03-5 Zolensky_Family_141122_18_09-2 Zolensky_Family_141122_18_13-15-Edit

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