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What Should We Wear for Family Photos?

“What should we wear for our family photos?”

I hear this question ALL the time. You’ve gone through the effort to schedule your session, rally the family troops and find the right location. But in order to get the best photos, you need to make sure you coordinate your outfits.

Should you all wear neutral colors? Or plaid? Or patterns? Or just stick with the classic white t-shirt and jeans? This can be enough to stress any family out, especially mom! But, I have good news for all of you who struggle with this decision: it can be REALLY easy!

There are actually a ton of great resources for how to dress your family for photo success. I make it a point to always have this discussion with my clients before their session. If they have any hesitation, I immediately send them to the mecca for clothing coordination: Pinterest. I’ve created a board with several ideas for how to choose a theme and dress each member of your family. The options range from general guides on matching, to specific outfits for individual colors. In just a few minutes, you can decide on a theme and find a guide that works for you. Click here to view my board.

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I recommend you plan out your outfits before the day of your session. That way, when the day comes and it’s time to get everyone dressed, you already know what to wear. You’ll avoid the stress, and be able to focus on having fun and being relaxed, and your photos will reflect this. I hope you find this advice helpful and maybe even enjoy the process of choosing what to wear for your next photo session!


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