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Tony and Julie

Say hello to Tony and Julie. They are celebrating 30 years of marriage together this Spring, and what better way to celebrate than a beach photo session!

I should start by mentioning that Tony and Julie are my Uncle and Aunt. I remember taking trips from Sacramento down to Los Angeles to visit them when I was kid. Back then, my cousins Pat and Dan were my playmates whenever I visited. Now that they’ve grown and gone, Tony and Julie are happily empty-nesters!

I have to say, it’s pretty neat that they’ve lived in the same house for over 30 years, and continued to grow in their marriage all those years as well. I got to spend a few days with them during my recent trip to California, and thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together.

On our last day, we planned a very special photo shoot for them to commemorate their anniversary. We chose their favorite local beach, Seal Beach, as our location.

In these images, you can see the joy in their faces, and feel the genuine love they have for each other. Commitment is a hard thing, and increasingly more rare in our culture. But it’s a beautiful thing.

Cheers to you Tony and Julie!

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If you love these photos and want me to photograph your family, click here and let’s talk!

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