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The White Family

Meet the White Family. On the surface, they may look like the typical family: 1 boy, 1 girl, mom drives a minivan, dad works hard.

But dig a little deeper and you learn that this family is hardly ordinary. From the moment I met them, I could tell they’re a very tight-knit bunch.

One of their favorite places to visit is a little park in their neighborhood. It’s quiet and secluded – a perfect place for family photos. Since they already frequent the park, they felt comfortable right from the get go.

The oldest kiddo was so excited to see me that he run up and jumped into my arms. I wasn’t expecting such immediate affection! Clearly it didn’t last long. He soon ran over over to the playground and started putting on a show for the camera. This guy has more energy than the rocket on a space shuttle.


Not to be outdone by her big brother is their sweet little girl. She hammed it up pretty well throughout the session, even trying to feed me her crackers at the end.White_Family_0021_141214 White_Family_0007_141214

After a little while, we gave the kids a few minutes to run around and let out some energy. I always try to have my camera ready during these moments, and here’s why. They loved this image so much that they ordered a large canvas print to hang in their playroom:

White_Family_0010_141214 White_Family_0013_141214

Chris is the kind of dad that every kid deserves. Yes, he works hard during the week to provide for his family. But you can tell he really values spending time with them as well.

Aside from driving the family minivan, Kajsa seems to be a very caring mom. I loved seeing the gleeful smiles as she played with her kids.White_Family_0006_141214 White_Family_0027_141214

Chris and Kajsa are a strong team as parents, and they know the importance of romance in their marriage too :).White_Family_0034_141214 White_Family_0040_141214 White_Family_0043_141214

As an added bonus, we had a professional videographer with us during the session. He’s filming a promotional video to help tell my story as a family photographer. I’ll be releasing it soon and can’t wait for you all to see it!

If these images haven’t portrayed it enough, let me say that I had so much fun with the White Family! They set a wonderful example of what family is all about.

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