The Steckel Family | Kevin Scott Banks Photography

The Steckel Family

Three little personalities definitely stole the show during the Steckel family session.

This was a gathering of extended family at the Steckel’s beautiful Brentwood home. We ventured into their scenic back yard, the perfect place for a morning photo session. It didn’t take long for the little kids to get the party started. We had barely taken the first group photos when the youngest one took off running into the bushes. Not to fear, dad chased him down and we were soon back in business.

Since it was chilly morning, we took a break half way through. The kids did some coloring inside while the adults warmed back up. This worked great, because I  was able to snap some really cool candid shots of the kids. I think my favorite moment during this session was when the little girl decided to strike her best pose on the deck. They might just have a model in the making! Enjoy these highlights from our morning together.

Steckel_Family_141126_11_22-3 Steckel_Family_141126_11_24-33 Steckel_Family_141126_11_26-15 Steckel_Family_141126_11_29-26-Edit Steckel_Family_141126_11_31-9 Steckel_Family_141126_11_47-28 Steckel_Family_141126_11_49-9-Edit Steckel_Family_141126_11_58-6-Edit Steckel_Family_141126_12_21-7-Edit

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