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The Roland Family Christmas

I know what you’re thinking. Christmas has already come and gone. Why on Earth am I posting Christmas photos?!

Well, as you may know, Snowpocalypse 2015 has descended upon Nashville. We’ve seen a mix of snow and ice that might be normal for our friends up North, but it’s essentially shut our city down. Because of this, I’ve had to postpone a couple of family photo sessions this past week.

That, my friends, has given me the perfect opportunity to revisit the Roland’s Christmas session. I never got the chance to share this session before, but now it’s here in all it’s Christmas-y glory.


One important thing you need to know about the Roland Family is that it’s full of women! Their first daughter was born a few years ago, and man oh man is she sweet. But then last year, things got a little crazy for their family.


They decided to adopt a 12 year old girl from Ukraine at the same time as the revolution was taking place in Kiev. On top of that, Krista was about to give birth to their second daughter!


Things have settled down since then – at least as much as possible with three daughters. This past Christmas, I had the chance to photograph their lively family, right in their own home. The home was decked out in a fantastic array of Christmas decorations, capped off by a big, beautiful tree. Wall to ceiling windows in the living room brought a cascading wash of soft light in, perfect for photos.

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They had loads of fun decorating the tree and posing in front of it. And then, of course, tickling each other… untitled_0001_141125 untitled_0006_141125 untitled_0008_141125 untitled_0010_141125 untitled_0011_141125

I think it’s safe to say there was an over-abundance of joy in the Roland Family this Christmas. 🙂

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