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The Revelette Family

I have an exciting announcement to start off this week’s blog post!

I have recently partnered with a local publication called “Cool Springs Living” to have my photos featured on a monthly basis. Each month, one family from the community is highlighted in a “Meet Your Neighbors” segment. This month’s featured family is the Revelette Family.

They’re both active business owners who work hard. But when they’re not working they love to relax, sip coffee and hang out with their dog Charlie. Thanks to The Well Coffeehouse in Brentwood for letting us take photos there!

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Ashlyne just released her new book – Falling Stars. If you haven’t read it, check it out!Revelette_Family_0006_Revelette_Family_0001_150623 Revelette_Family_0002_Revelette_Family_0013_150623 Revelette_Family_0015_150623 Revelette_Family_0001_Revelette_Family_0016_150623 Revelette_Family_0018_150623 Revelette_Family_0000_Revelette_Family_0020_150623

Here is a sample wall art collection I designed from their session. It’s three gallery wrapped canvas prints, emphasizing the family photo in the middle, with two great candid moments captured on either side. It’s designed to hang above a couch in the living room where they’ll see it every day, and show it off to any visitors!


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