The Miller Family | Kevin Scott Banks Photography

The Miller Family

The Miller Family loves to relax in their beautiful backyard, or spend time together on the balcony overlooking the pool. Mr. Miller is known to whip up delicious bacon and salmon sandwiches on the weekends. It was a pleasure spending the morning with them, and I love the color and vibrance of their photos. I hope you enjoy them too!Miller_Family_0005_Miller_Family_0001_150907 Miller_Family_0004_150907 Miller_Family_0004_Miller_Family_0003_150907 Miller_Family_0005_150907 Miller_Family_0002_Miller_Family_0007_150907 Miller_Family_0003_Miller_Family_0009_150907 Miller_Family_0001_Miller_Family_0011_150907 Miller_Family_0000_Miller_Family_0012_150907

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