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The Davis Family

Meet the Davis Family. This trio was a true delight to photograph!

For their session, we perused through the streets and fields of Leiper’s Fork, one of my favorite Nashville destinations. The highlight of our time together was seeing all the many faces their little guy made during the session. We could probably create a collage with all of them and be entertained for hours :).

Aside from his fantastic faces, I also really appreciated the love and warmth this family exuded for each other. They’re clearly a team, the way a family should be. Enjoy their photos!

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Davis_Family_0010_Davis_Family_0001_151119 Davis_Family_0009_Davis_Family_0004_151119 Davis_Family_0002_151119 Davis_Family_0008_Davis_Family_0005_151119 Davis_Family_0007_Davis_Family_0006_151119 Davis_Family_0006_Davis_Family_0008_151119 Davis_Family_0009_151119 Davis_Family_0005_Davis_Family_0010_151119 Davis_Family_0011_151119 Davis_Family_0004_Davis_Family_0012_151119 Davis_Family_0003_Davis_Family_0014_151119 copy

A silly one for fun 🙂Davis_Family_0013_151119

Stylin’ ShoesDavis_Family_0015_151119 Davis_Family_0002_Davis_Family_0016_151119 Davis_Family_0017_151119

And just in case you think every photo session goes exactly as planned…Davis_Family_0001_Davis_Family_0018_151119 Davis_Family_0000_Davis_Family_0019_151119

If you’d like me to photograph your family, click here and let’s talk!

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