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The Bresnahan Family

Ho-ly Cow, the Bresnahan Family session was awesome!

I mean, they’re all awesome, but this one stood out for a few reasons. First of all, Casey and Shana are some of my best friends. We’ve been through a lot together over the years, so it’s always special to get to photograph their family. If you follow my blog, you may also remember that I took maternity photos for them when Shana was still pregnant with their baby boy, Silas. Well, Silas is now out of the womb and as handsome as can be. These were the first family photos they’ve taken since he was born, so there was a lot of anticipation.

Casey and Shana have adopted their niece as well, and the family spazoid dog Minny joined for the photo fun too. Actually, Minny was on pretty good behavior – we were able to get at least one photo with everyone looking mostly at the camera :).

We started out in their wooded backyard so Minny could be in first set of photos. Next, we jetted off to a neat rustic barn that just happens to be in their neighborhood. The natural blue color of the barn worked perfectly with the myriad of colors the Bresnahan’s were sporting. A pretty stellar sunset provided some cool late-evening shots, and rounding out our session was a simply special candid moment between Shana and Ashlynne.

Enjoy these photos from the Bresnahan’s session.

Bresnahan_Family_Christmas_2014_141129_17_30-8 Bresnahan_Family_Christmas_2014_141129_17_42-2 Bresnahan_Family_Christmas_2014_141129_17_52-9 Bresnahan_Family_Christmas_2014_141129_17_53-30-2 Bresnahan_Family_Christmas_2014_141129_18_13 Bresnahan_Family_Christmas_2014_141129_18_21 Bresnahan_Family_Christmas_2014_141129_18_22 Bresnahan_Family_Christmas_2014_141129_18_23-13 Bresnahan_Family_Christmas_2014_141129_18_25-11 Bresnahan_Family_Christmas_2014_141129_18_26-19 Bresnahan_Family_Christmas_2014_141129_18_31-26-2 Bresnahan_Family_Christmas_2014_141129_18_35-2-2

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