Sweet Treats for Summer! | Kevin Scott Banks Photography

Sweet Treats for Summer!

Summer is here and it’s hot! Grab the family and cool down with a sweet treat. Here are a few of our favorite dessert destinations in Nashville.

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Jeni’s Ice Cream

In a few areas of Nashville this hot spot is sure to cool you down with any of the abundant and unique ice cream flavors. The staff is friendly and eager to let you taste any of the options. And with tubs named Queen City Cayenne and Yazoo Sue, sampling is almost mandatory. If you can’t decide, get the Salty Caramel. It’s yummy!


Las Paletas

Okay, so Las Paletas doesn’t serve ice cream, but they serve the best gourmet ice pops ever. If you’re wanting a healthier option or ice cream isn’t your thing, you’ll fall in love with Las Paletas. They have flavors like Avocado and Rose Petal, with consistencies of either cream or ice. The place is tiny, but definitely does the business. Nashvillians drive from all over to get their hands on a Las Paletas popsicle.


Bobbie’s Dairy Dip

Bobbie’s Dairy Dip is a Nashville classic, having been in operation since 1951. Head to their West Nashville shack for no-frills ice cream scoops and milkshakes.


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