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Fun with fireworks and roommates on Independence Day at Rock Island.


An afternoon walk through downtown Boston is a delightful thing indeed. Lots of places to explore by bike or by foot.


A man in Southern India shows respect for travelers to his town.Indian_man_at_Gokak_Falls

The innocence of childhood portrayed in one simple image.Kaylee_Dandelion_Final

Stopping to take a break in a city full of country music attractions – Downtown Nashville, Tennessee130609t_7439

A self-portrait taken overlooking the ocean in New Zealand.Bayly's_Beach_101310_0463-2

I don’t think he had a good day selling bananas.A_day_in_Pune_2011090803-3

Fly-fishing on Lake Natomas in Sacramento, California.Fishing_and_Kayaking_the_American_River_Folsom_062611_0185

Look for the man sitting in the shadows in Calcutta, India.Calcutta_2011091204

A few young rascals navigate their way through the streets of Southern India.An_Adventure_to_Gokak_Falls_20110906-70

I thought it was challenging to spend 3 days climbing mountains in Nepal. Some do it every day.Guided_Trek_Annapurna_Range_Pokhara_Nepal_2011092133

It’s all about color in this shot from the market in India.India

Independence Day antics in Nashville, Tennessee.Independence_Day_2011_070411_0170

Is she pretending to fly or just trying to keep her balance?Stark_Family_Portraits_122510_0049

We waited all morning for just the right lighting on this shot at Waikawau Beach in New Zealand.Waikawau_Bay_012911_0040_b

Keeping watch from afar.Whangamata_Beach_110410_0012

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