Monkey Bars and Fall Colors – Bandalo Family Session | Kevin Scott Banks Photography

Monkey Bars and Fall Colors – Bandalo Family Session

What could be better than hanging out with a fun family on a beautiful fall day?
Turns out, not much can.
The Bandalo Family helps a lot people. They run a chiropractic wellness center in Nolensville where they help people get healthy and stay healthy. People leave their office with a smile every time, and it’s easy to see why.
They asked me to take photos of their family and try to capture the last bit of fall color. We chose Pinkerton Park in Franklin for our location and it did not disappoint. There were plenty of yellows and oranges still left in the trees, and some beautiful morning light to shoot in. The kiddos did a fantastic job of smiling and giggling for our photos. Even though their little guy is only two years old, he’s already trained to smile at the camera and say “cheese” all on his own – so awesome! We had a bunch of fun playing on the monkey bars and throwing leaves around during the session too. It hardly even felt like a photo session.
I am excited to see their new family photos on the wall at their office for all their clients to admire!

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