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Mark and Hope

Mark and Hope were a ton of fun to photograph! They graciously agreed to be the “models” for a photography workshop I recently attended. During the workshop, the masterful Joe Hendricks shared many of his secrets, and inspired me to keep pushing myself creatively. Joe’s creative style of shooting is, in my opinion, one of the best around. I was floored at the chance to learn from him and hopefully absorb some of that creativity.

At the end, Joe took meĀ out on a photoshoot with him to watch him work his magic and shoot alongside him. Here are the photos I took!Mark_and_Hope_0005_Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0001_150826 Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0002_150826 Mark_and_Hope_0004_Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0003_150826 Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0004_150826 Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0005_150826 Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0006_150826 Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0007_150826 Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0008_150826 Mark_and_Hope_0003_Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0009_150826 Mark_and_Hope_0002_Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0010_150826 Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0011_150826 Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0012_150826 Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0013_150826 Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0014_150826 Mark_and_Hope_0001_Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0015_150826 Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0016_150826 Mark_and_Hope_0000_Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0017_150826 Joe_Hendricks_Photo_Workshop_0018_150826

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    • Thank you Joe! It really was helpful to have you out there with me. Seeing the way you interacted with the clients and hearing your thought process during the shoot was super cool.