Halloween Fun with Front Porch Ministry | Kevin Scott Banks Photography

Halloween Fun with Front Porch Ministry

Front Porch Ministry has been near and dear to my heart as long as I’ve lived in Nashville. If you don’t know their story, it’s worth watching this video to get the skinny. I LOVE hanging out with this family and their 50+ kids any chance I get.

This year, they invited me back for the second time to photograph their annual Halloween event, “Hallebooyah.” It was so much fun! This year, they upped their game with an inflatable boxing ring and a rockin’ food truck.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day:


FPM_Hallebooyah_2014_141101_15_52-7 FPM_Hallebooyah_2014_141101_15_32-5 FPM_Hallebooyah_2014_141101_15_15-29 FPM_Hallebooyah_2014_141101_15_02-13 FPM_Hallebooyah_2014_141101_15_00-2 FPM_Hallebooyah_2014_141101_13_56-10 FPM_Hallebooyah_2014_141101_14_18-3 FPM_Hallebooyah_2014_141101_14_15-26 FPM_Hallebooyah_2014_141101_13_58-25 FPM_Hallebooyah_2014_141101_13_30-14

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