FBC Daddy Daughter Dance 2014 | Kevin Scott Banks Photography

FBC Daddy Daughter Dance 2014

This year I was asked to take portraits for the Daddy Daughter Dance at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood. Each year, all the dads get dressed up and take their daughters out for a night they’ll remember forever. The girls wear their best dresses and don’t even notice that dad has no dance moves!

It was a total joy to see each of the couples take their photos. I love the way the dance builds that bond between father and daughter. Such a special night!

Here are some of my favorite shots from the evening:

FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_20_41-3 FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_21_09-2 FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_21_13-3 FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_21_32 FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_21_34-3 FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_21_48 FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_22_21-2 FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_22_46 FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_23_28-3

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