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Ember’s 6 Months

The Fields have a history of collecting family photos. When we met to view the photos from their latest session, the mom Amy told me about her grand plan:

She’s building a set of photo albums as their family grows. One day when her kids are grown up, she plans to give each of them an entire set of albums that chronicles their whole life. How cool is that?!

As a photographer, I love seeing families like this that value photography and want to create lasting memories. So, it’s been really great to help tell the “birth story” of their first child, Ember. We took her first photos when she was 3 months old, and now that she’s reached the 6 month mark, it was time for round 2.

Ember_Fields_6_Months_0001_150208 Ember_Fields_6_Months_0003_150208

You can see that Ember was all smiles during our session :).Ember_Fields_6_Months_0004_150208

When I showed Amy this particular photo, I was totally unprepared for her response. She had a very emotional reaction and managed only the words, “Wow, this photo moves me.” I have to admit that even I had to hold back tears when I saw how much it meant to her!Ember_Fields_6_Months_0006_150208

Some dads may think taking family photos is a chore. But I make sure all my photo sessions are so much fun that even the dads enjoy themselves.
Ember_Fields_6_Months_0005_150208 Ember_Fields_6_Months_0008_150208 Ember_Fields_6_Months_0007_150208 Ember_Fields_6_Months_0011_150208 Ember_Fields_6_Months_0002_150208 Ember_Fields_6_Months_0012_150208 Ember_Fields_6_Months_0010_150208 Ember_Fields_6_Months_0009_150208

Families are growing and changing all the time. If you don’t capture these magical moments while they’re happening, how will you remember them? Remember to make time for making memories!

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