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A Day in the Life with the Santiago Family

I’m introducing something brand new for families! It’s called a “Day In the Life” family session.

Imagine a completely different approach to capturing the uniqueness of family. Rather than getting dressed up and begging the kids to behave, we spend an entire day together at your home.

There’s no script, no wrong or right. You spend the day doing what you would typically do together. Bring on the laughing, the crying, and everything in between. Every little moment – the morning antics, the midday water fights, the naptime prayers – I’ll be there to document all of them.

The result is something incredibly special: a unique story of your family, just the way you are.

Each Day In the Life session includes a hand-crafted storybook photo album with the highlights of your day. You’ll also get to choose your favorite photo to hang as a beautiful, timeless canvas print in your home. Lastly, you’ll receive a digital download with a minimum of 300 edited images.

Life will move on, the kids will grow up and start lives of their own. But you will always have this memory of who you are as a family.

To kick off this special new offering for families, I’d like you to meet the Santiago Family. I recently spent a Day In the Life with this wonderful bunch. Their images portray a close knit family that loves to have fun, and knows how to love each other well. I hope you enjoy them even half as much as I enjoyed capturing them!

If you’d like me to capture a Day In the Life of your family, click here to get in touch with me.


This kiddo had me laughing all day long. He has more fun in one day than you or I have in a month.Santiago_0025_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0013_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0003_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0004_150714

Of course, his little sister is actually in charge in this household.Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0005_150714 Santiago_0024_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0008_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0009_150714

Mornings usually start early for this family. Dad and Mom soak up as much time with the kids as they can.Santiago_0023_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0014_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0017_150714Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0019_150714 Santiago_0022_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0021_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0022_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0023_150714 Santiago_0021_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0024_150714 Santiago_0020_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0025_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0026_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0027_150714

“Hey Mom, can I help with the dishes?”

The Santiago’s are what you’d call “musically-inclined.”  Dad is teaching the kids how to sing and play instruments at an early age.Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0032_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0035_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0036_150714


Brother and sister have a charming chemistry with each other.Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0041_150714 Santiago_0018_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0044_150714

Getting ready for outdoor activities!Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0046_150714

Apparently they have a secret handshake…it involves kissing 🙂Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0047_150714

Riding bikes, a right of passage.Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0049_150714 Santiago_0017_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0051_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0052_150714

A father who wins his daughter’s heart…everyday.Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0053_150714

…and his wife’s too!Santiago_0016_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0055_150714

It’s sports hour for Dad and his boy.Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0057_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0058_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0060_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0061_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0062_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0064_150714 Santiago_0015_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0063_150714

And now it’s time for a pool party in the backyard!Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0074_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0067_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0066_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0069_150714 Santiago_0000_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0071_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0070_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0075_150714

A time to get dirty, and then a time to clean off.

Santiago_0013_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0077_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0076_150714

A perfect picture of these two personalities.Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0079_150714 Santiago_0012_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0082_150714 Santiago_0011_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0081_150714

Dad likes to practice his trumpet whenever he gets the chance.Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0103_150714 Santiago_0010_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0083_150714

Lunch time! “Can I help cook, Mommy?”Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0084_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0086_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0085_150714

Dad’s magic sandwich recipe.Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0089_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0088_150714

Now that the kids are sufficiently worn out(and so are Dad and Mom!), it’s nap time.Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0091_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0092_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0097_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0093_150714 Santiago_0008_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0094_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0099_150714

An afternoon thunderstorm can’t ruin this day. It’s just passin’ through.Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0098_150714

Let’s wrestle!Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0102_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0100_150714

An afternoon at the park is in order. Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0108_150714 Santiago_0006_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0106_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0112_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0115_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0121_150714 Santiago_0000_Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0127_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0128_150714

Hammin’ it up.Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0109_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0126_150714 Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0124_150714

Winding down the day.


Nothing but love in this family 🙂Santiago_Day_in_the_Life_0116_150714

If you’d like me to capture a Day In the Life of your family, click here to get in touch with me.

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