Bowties and Suspenders – Brentwood Family Photography | Kevin Scott Banks Photography

Bowties and Suspenders – Brentwood Family Photography

This fabulous family of four got all dressed up for a formal yet fun photo session! I love that mom took a chance with the matching bowties and suspenders for the boys. It totally worked for this session, providing some pretty stellar images. A classy, office study lent warm tones and plenty of polish to the overall look.

I have to tell a quick story from this session. The boys were acting a little crazy during the session (because let’s be honest, all boys are a little crazy). Halfway through, the mom looked at me in distress and said, “This is the worst my boys have ever been for a photoshoot.” I’m pretty sure she was convinced we didn’t get any good photos.

However, when she saw the photos a few days later, she was ecstatic, and loved them! I see this as a prime example of the importance of just showing up and taking family photos. As a professional, I know how to get great photos, even when the kids aren’t behaving. I’m glad this family trusted me and was rewarded with memories they will cherish forever :).

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