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Fabulous and artistic architecture at the Boston Public Library in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston_Trip_2013_130920_14_53-2-Edit

A bold arch and crimson brick accent this beautiful wooden doorway.Boston_Trip_2013_130920_12_37

No photo-shopping here, folks. The sun did its thing for this magnificent sunset overlooking the Zakim Bridge in Boston, Mass.Boston_Trip_2013_130919_18_32-2-Edit

A sunny afternoon view from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge in Nashville, Tennessee.131003_15_30-7-Edit

Mysterious evening fog engulfs the freeway overpass in Nashville, Tennessee._RWB5954-Edit

Urban Chicago neighborhood with towering sky-scrapers.Chicago_Trip_July_2013_130704_20_58-2-Edit

Ferris wheel fun at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois.Chicago_Trip_July_2013_130705_21_40

The famed Capitol Theatre on the square in Bowling Green, Kentucky.130410_2859

Who’s that stranger at the end of the road?Arch1_

Someone stopped and asked me what I was photographing. Isn’t it obvious how cool this old building looked?130506_4992-Edit

Arches at Ellington Agricultural Center in Nashville, Tennessee.130523_5271

Brick pathway provides a soft reflection for early evening sunlight.130523_5373

Overlooking a curved bike path from the Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville, Tennessee.130609t_7477

The engineers of the Encore Building in Nashville got it right with this window design.130609t_7451

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