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“Are You Going to the Same Party?” – Tips from a Professional Wardrobe Stylist

This is a guest post by Professional Wardrobe Stylist Amanda Sears.

For several years I styled windows at a large retailer on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. As we styled each mannequin and created the composition, we were taught to always ask ourselves, “are they going to the same party?” Does each mannequin reflect the same attitude and attention to detail?


It’s a great analogy to think about when styling your own family session: is your family “going to the same party?” Do you look like you all belong together? If you take the time to be thoughtful about what you’re wearing, you’ll end up with a strong, flattering result. Here are some style tips to think about when creating your family look.

  • When choosing looks for the whole family, create a color story. Choose 1-3 colors and have everyone wear them. You can vary in patterns and solids, but by sticking with a few colors you create a strong, unified look.

  • The color palette that includes soft jewel tones are flattering on almost everyone and especially on camera; coral, turquoise, emerald, deep blue, raspberry, etc. Earth tones are also nice; navy, charcoal, forest green, merlot etc. Black is ok too, especially if it’s a piece with a flattering neckline or interesting texture. Keep in mind where you might be shooting. Are you outside? It’s probably best to avoid green or brown so you don’t blend into your surroundings!

  • Layering can add interest and texture; especially if you’re all wearing the same color, but be wary of overly flowy fabrics or super chunky knits which can make you look larger on camera. It’s been my experience that nobody likes that! Having a variety of texture helps the photo from falling flat.


  • HAVE FUN! I think it’s a fun idea to take some classic photos together and then throw a few, silly props into the mix. Does your family love a certain team? Add some sports gear or foam fingers! Do you love the arts? Have everyone hold a large, ornate picture frame and try to cram inside it! Play! This can also help younger children stay engaged and having fun with what might seem like a tedious chore.

Do these details leave you feeling panicked? When in doubt, call a stylist! I have worked as a stylist for TV and film production, online retailers, artists, and private clients for over 15 years.

Plus, I have a special offer for clients of Kevin Scott Banks Photography. For $250, I’ll come to your home and style 2-3 looks for your family right from your closet that will look fantastic on camera! If you’re missing items to complete the look, I can advise you on what you need and where to shop to style a wonderful session. I’ll have your family looking like “the same party” in no time!

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Thank you Amanda for taking the stress right out of this usually stressful process! You can reach her at amanda@amandasears.com or visit amandasears.com for more info. If you decide to hire her, be sure to mention that I sent you. 




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