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The Yount Family

Chris and Chrystal were made for each other.

For as long as I’ve known them, they’ve been inseparable. It’s truly been a joy watching them build a family together, and most recently add to their family.

Their son Ethan joined the team last year, and they haven’t had any family photos since then. They were very excited to change that and create new memories of their growing family.

We decided on The Park at Harlinsdale Farm, an old horse farm in Franklin that’s been converted to a public park. We had some beautiful late afternoon sunlight to work with, giving their images a wonderful warm touch.

In spending the afternoon with them, it was so obvious to me how much love this family has for each other. Chris and Chrystal both had such a special touch with their son, and an undeniable bond with each other. Can you feel, like I do, that these images convey the togetherness of this incredible family?


Like father, like son. The Yount’s may be the most fashionable family I know! Yount_Family_3_20150124

Future pilot



Being a mom is tough, but Chrystal still knows how to laugh and enjoy the craziness! 2_ICC_Website_Vertical_Collage_Template

“What are you looking at?”


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A sample wall art collection I designed from this sessionYount_family

The Yount’s are a tremendous example of what a family looks like. Here’s to hoping they will continue to thrive and grow!

2 Comments on “The Yount Family

  1. I was really hoping that at the end of this shoot there was a mention of another being added to the family. Oh well.

    Great Family.


    • Major, that would be awesome, we’ll have to keep waiting I suppose 🙂