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The Sakowicz Family

Thanks to an awesome referral from my friend Shana of Love Truthfully, I recently made some new friends. Shana connected me with the Sakowicz family who live in Hendersonville, and I must say they are a pretty stellar bunch. It turns out they have a family tradition of having their photos done at the beach in Florida every summer. But that only happens once a year, and they needed a hometown photographer too.

Amy is a realtor in Hendersonville, so she knows the area really well. She suggested we do their session at the Historic Rock Castle, a fabulous venue that sits right on Old Hickory Lake…great call Amy! The old brick building was an ideal backdrop for photos, and there were plenty of fences and trees that gave us lots of other shooting options as well. I really enjoyed getting to know Amy’s husband Dan, daughter Analia, and of course the family dog, Mr. Max Douglas himself.

Enjoy these photos from the Sakowicz session!

Sakowicz_Family_Winter_2014_93_20141219 Sakowicz_Family_Winter_2014_107_20141219 Sakowicz_Family_Winter_2014_193_20141219-2 Sakowicz_Family_Winter_2014_205_20141219 Sakowicz_Family_Winter_2014_223_20141219 Sakowicz_Family_Winter_2014_248_20141219 Sakowicz_Family_Winter_2014_289_20141219 Sakowicz_Family_Winter_2014_361_20141219-Edit Sakowicz_Family_Winter_2014_424_20141219 Sakowicz_Family_Winter_2014_476_20141219-2 Sakowicz_Family_Winter_2014_537_20141219 Sakowicz_Family_Winter_2014_418_20141219

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