The Pagliara Family | Kevin Scott Banks Photography

The Pagliara Family

The Pagliara Family – new to Nashville, building a house on a hill, and bringing all kinds of energy to this city.

We started their session at the site of their new home in Cool Springs. It overlooks the city and offers spectacular views. The boys were very enthusiastic about “breaking ground” on the property!

Wanting to embrace the country roots of their new city, we finished their session in historic Leiper’s Fork. Just south of Franklin, this little town offers rustic scenery that says “Nashville.” I think you’ll agree this family looks right at home 🙂Pagliara_Family_0001_151010 Pagliara_Family_0002_151010 Pagliara_Family_0006_Pagliara_Family_0007_151010 Pagliara_Family_0008_Pagliara_Family_0004_151010 Pagliara_Family_0007_Pagliara_Family_0006_151010 Pagliara_Family_0008_151010 Pagliara_Family_0005_Pagliara_Family_0010_151010 Pagliara_Family_0009_151010 Pagliara_Family_0011_151010 Pagliara_Family_0004_Pagliara_Family_0012_151010 Pagliara_Family_0013_151010 Pagliara_Family_0015_151010 Pagliara_Family_0003_Pagliara_Family_0014_151010 Pagliara_Family_0000_Pagliara_Family_0018_151010 Pagliara_Family_0019_151010 Pagliara_Family_0020_151010 Pagliara_Family_0001_Pagliara_Family_0017_151010

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