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The Miller Family

The Miller’s love to go on dates together, so I suggested we treat their family session like a date.

We started at the Park at Harlinsdale Farm where they walked around and laid on a picnic blanket for little while. Then we headed for Downtown Franklin where they went for a stroll around town before the grand finish at Sweet Cece’s!

Miller_0008_Miller_Family_0001_150630 Miller_Family_0002_150630 Miller_0007_Miller_Family_0003_150630 Miller_Family_0004_150630 Miller_Family_0005_150630 Miller_Family_0006_150630 Miller_0005_Miller_Family_0010_150630 Miller_0004_Miller_Family_0011_150630 Miller_Family_0007_150630 Miller_0006_Miller_Family_0008_150630 Miller_Family_0012_150630 Miller_Family_0013_150630 Miller_Family_0014_150630 Miller_0003_Miller_Family_0015_150630 Miller_0002_Miller_Family_0016_150630 Miller_0001_Miller_Family_0017_150630 Miller_Family_0018_150630 Miller_0000_Miller_Family_0019_150630 Miller_Family_0020_150630

The Miller’s chose four of their favorite photos to display in a canvas wall art collection in their home. It features two great candid poses that they really loved, plus two nice portraits. These canvas prints will pop off of the wall and add a lot of color to the room.


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