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Bowties and Suspenders – Brentwood Family Photography

This fabulous family of four got all dressed up for a formal yet fun photo session! I love that mom took a chance with the matching bowties and suspenders for the boys. It totally worked for this session, providing some pretty stellar images. A classy, office study lent warm tones and plenty of polish to the overall […]

A Well-Styled Brentwood Family Photo Session

Meet the Driver Family. I’m not sure if I’ve ever met a more pleasant family. Mom and I dialed up some fun Spring colors for their session, punctuated by her vibrant red top. It played perfectly with her daughter’s pink and red dress tones, and really popped well with the red barn accents at Smith […]

“Are You Going to the Same Party?” – Tips from a Professional Wardrobe Stylist

This is a guest post by Professional Wardrobe Stylist Amanda Sears. For several years I styled windows at a large retailer on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. As we styled each mannequin and created the composition, we were taught to always ask ourselves, “are they going to the same party?” Does each mannequin reflect the same […]