Stay Late & Steal the Show – Sunset at Radnor Lake | Kevin Scott Banks Photography

Stay Late & Steal the Show – Sunset at Radnor Lake

A recent family photo session took me to one of my favorite places in Nashville – Radnor Lake.

While we were there shooting, I couldn’t help but remember the incredible sunset I captured there last Spring. It was late in the day, and most everyone else had left the park already. But I had a feeling there was going to be a special display of color in the sky that night, so I wasn’t leaving just yet. I trudged my way through the brush to get right up next to the lake. I even had to straddle a huge log – while trying not to fall in and ruin my camera!

The result was this image, a beautiful sunset and reflection on the lake. I especially love the tree line and the golden light behind it. It was my reward for getting off the beaten path. I hope you enjoy it too.



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