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Peter and Jessica’s Wedding

Thirty years ago, my parents were married on September 14th, 1984.

Thirty years later, on the same day my parents celebrated their 30th anniversary, I had the pleasure of photographing Peter and Jessica’s wedding. How cool is that?!

They chose The Ambrose House in East Nashville as their venue for both the ceremony and reception. As far as weddings go, the venue is small, but really has an intimate feel to it. The Ambrose House is owned by the same folks as Houston Station, another great venue in Nashville. For anyone following my blog, you’ll remember that we did Peter and Jessica’s engagement session at the Ambrose House earlier this summer.

Their wedding wedding day was another beautiful day, with afternoon sunlight beaming from behind the venue. The interior was decorated very creatively, with Peter and Jessica actually doing some of it themselves! I especially liked the handmade string lights. It was a great day and I loved how the photos turned out. Here are a few of my favorites.

Pete and Jess, blessings in your marriage. I hope you’ll get to celebrate thirty years and more together.

Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_15_12 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_15_22-2 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_15_33-2 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_16_13-9 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_16_13-24 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_16_14-6 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_16_18-18 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_16_19-13 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_16_20 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_16_39-4 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_16_46 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_17_11-8 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_17_13 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_17_19-4-2 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_17_32-7 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_17_51-10 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_17_58-9 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_17_59-17 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_18_01-25 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_18_09-6 Peter_and_Jessica's_Wedding_140914_19_36-8

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