Instructions for Ordering | Kevin Scott Banks Photography

Instructions for Ordering

Instructions for ordering prints through your personal online gallery:

**You will have the option to crop any photo before you finalize your order. Cropping is done after you have chosen which product you want for all of your photos, but before you checkout and pay.**
Choose Your Favorites  
1. Choose your favorite photos by clicking the heart icon on the top left of each photo.
2. On the top left of the screen, click “Selected for Purchase”.
Choose Your Products
3. If you want to purchase a certain print/product of all the photos (for example, 5×7’s of all the photos), choose “Buy all” at the top, and choose your product.
4. If you want to order additional prints/products, right click on a photo, and choose “buy”. Then choose which product you want to purchase for that photo.
5. Repeat the previous step for each photo you want to purchase products for.
Review Your Order
6. When finished choosing products, click on “Cart” in the upper right corner of the screen.
7. Review the product and quantity of each photo in your cart.
8. This is also where you can crop your photos. Next to each photo, it will say “Cropping: Centered”. Click on the word “Centered” to adjust the cropping. You can adjust the cropping by moving it side to side. You can resize the cropping or even change the orientation of the photo by dragging the corner of the cropping box.
Finalize Your Order
9. Once you have finished, choose “Checkout Now” at the bottom of the screen to finalize your purchase.