Ember’s First Year | Kevin Scott Banks Photography

Ember’s First Year

It’s been such a joy to watch Ember grow through the first year of her life. These images will help celebrate her 1 year milestone!

Ember_0004_Ember_Fields_1_Year_0001_150715 Ember_Fields_1_Year_0002_150715 Ember_0003_Ember_Fields_1_Year_0004_150715 Ember_Fields_1_Year_0005_150715 Ember_0001_Ember_Fields_1_Year_0009_150715 Ember_Fields_1_Year_0006_150715 Ember_Fields_1_Year_0007_150715 Ember_0002_Ember_Fields_1_Year_0008_150715 Ember_0000_Ember_Fields_1_Year_0010_150715 Ember_Fields_1_Year_0011_150715 Ember_Fields_1_Year_0012_150715 Ember_Fields_1_Year_0013_150715 Ember_Fields_1_Year_0014_150715

I’ve created a sample wall art collection from the session. It’s five canvas prints meant to hang in the child’s room and be a daily reminder of her first year of life.


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