Brentwood Family Photos at the Park | Kevin Scott Banks Photography

Brentwood Family Photos at the Park

What a delightful session this was! With a two year old running around like a whirlwind, and a newborn with bright, beautiful eyes, the joy was overflowing. I especially enjoyed seeing this dad interact with his girls. A true pleasure to photograph 🙂
Meeker_Family_0004_Meeker_Family_0003_161207 Meeker_Family_0002_Meeker_Family_0007_161207 Meeker_Family_0004_161207 Meeker_Family_0005_Meeker_Family_0001_161207 Meeker_Family_0003_Meeker_Family_0008_161207 Meeker_Family_0000_Meeker_Family_0012_161207 Meeker_Family_0001_Meeker_Family_0010_161207

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