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Football Family Photos in Nashville!

Inspired by a recent hockey-themed session I photographed, this family chose to feature their love of football! Decked out in each of their favorite team’s jerseys, we had a playful session at Crockett Park. It was pretty cute watching their little lady run around and chase the football. Hopefully they get along this well even when their teams are facing off on Sundays!


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Houston Station Family Photos in Nashville

I’m excited about this session for numerous reasons!

First, because Chad the dad (see what I did there?) is a good friend of mine. He’s been a friend and mentor to me for the past several years, so it was a real joy to spend some time with his whole family. Usually it’s just us bros over coffee or brew.

Second, because we did their session at Houston Station. I’ve been spending more time over that way lately, but I’ve never had any photo sessions there before. I think you’ll agree, there are some sweet spots for shooting.

We had a great time perusing the property for an hour or so, and came away with some special shots. Hope you enjoy them!

johnson_family_0001_161116 johnson_0003_johnson_family_0002_161116 johnson_0002_johnson_family_0003_161116 johnson_0001_johnson_family_0004_161116 johnson_family_0005_161116 johnson_family_0006_161116 johnson_family_0007_161116 johnson_0000_johnson_family_0009_161116 johnson_family_0008_161116

Sunset on the Course – Nashville Family Photographer

Brilliant sunset lighting made this session super special.

Late fall on the golf course is hard to beat for a family shoot. The yellows and oranges shone bright, but I think the family’s faces shone brighter. At one point, the two daughters were posing together, and I asked them to act like sisters together. The mom said from behind me, “well in that case, they should be pulling each other’s hair out,” or something of the sort. I laughed, and it gave me an idea. We staged a fun (and fake, of course) shot where the younger sister was taking out some frustration on her big sis. It turned out so fun, as did the rest of their photos!

mclemore_family_0001_161030 mclemore_0004_mclemore_family_0004_161030 mclemore_0005_mclemore_family_0002_161030 mclemore_family_0005_161030 mclemore_0003_mclemore_family_0006_161030 mclemore_0002_mclemore_family_0011_161030 mclemore_family_0008_161030 mclemore_0001_mclemore_family_0012_161030 mclemore_0000_mclemore_family_0013_161030 mclemore_family_0014_161030 mclemore_family_0015_161030

Family Photos at Ellington Ag Center

Have you ever seen a cuter pair of little girls?!

These two were quite the pistols, with tons of energy and tons of silly smiles. Real talk, it took a little coaxing for them to cooperate, but it only takes an instant to capture a moment for a lifetime. Thankfully, there were several memorable moments with this fam, and we had a total blast together. I loved seeing dad cuddle with his girls, and cozy up with his bride at the end of the session. And to cap things off, how about a little leaf war!

ricotta_family_0002_161022 ricotta_0005_ricotta_family_0003_161022 ricotta_family_0004_161022 ricotta_0004_ricotta_family_0005_161022 ricotta_0003_ricotta_family_0006_161022 ricotta_0002_ricotta_family_0008_161022 ricotta_0001_ricotta_family_0009_161022 ricotta_0000_ricotta_family_0011_161022 ricotta_family_0012_161022

The Ramsey Family

Here is a family near and dear to my heart…the Ramsey Family.

Rich was one of my very first friends when I moved to Nashville almost a decade ago. His leadership and friendship have shaped who I am today.

Jennifer has faithfully served in our church community for as long as I’ve known her. She sets a tremendous example for what a loving wife and mother look like.

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of holding their daughter only hours after she was born. Now they have an exuberant family of four, and for the first time ever, they were in front of my camera last week!

Since they already know and love the Ellington Ag Center, we chose that spot for their session. I find that when families are already comfortable in a location, they have an easier time just being themselves. That leads to even better photos 🙂

Enjoy this wonderful family and their super-fun photo shoot!

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ramsey_0005_ramsey_family_0001_161102 ramsey_0004_ramsey_family_0002_161102 ramsey_family_0003_161102 ramsey_0003_ramsey_family_0005_161102 ramsey_0002_ramsey_family_0008_161102 ramsey_family_0007_161102 ramsey_0001_ramsey_family_0010_161102 ramsey_family_0011_161102


If you love these photos and want me to photograph your family, click here and let’s talk!