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Tasha’s Senior Portraits

Had a fun day in the sun with Miss Tasha for her senior portraits!  We chose the beautiful Shelby Park in East Nashville for our photo shoot.

Tasha’s family is partnered with Front Porch Ministry, an awesome non-profit that helps out inner city families in East Nashville. She’s graduating this spring and going to nursing school, how cool is that?

Good luck with your next season of life Tasha!Tasha_Senior_Portraits_140405_11_22 Tasha_Senior_Portraits_140405_10_30-3 Tasha_Senior_Portraits_140405_11_38 Tasha_Senior_Portraits_140405_11_45-12 Tasha_Senior_Portraits_140405_11_41-7 Tasha_Senior_Portraits_140405_12_01-2 Tasha_Senior_Portraits_140405_12_07-4 Tasha_Senior_Portraits_140405_12_19-2

FBC Daddy Daughter Dance 2014

This year I was asked to take portraits for the Daddy Daughter Dance at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood. Each year, all the dads get dressed up and take their daughters out for a night they’ll remember forever. The girls wear their best dresses and don’t even notice that dad has no dance moves!

It was a total joy to see each of the couples take their photos. I love the way the dance builds that bond between father and daughter. Such a special night!

Here are some of my favorite shots from the evening:

FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_20_41-3 FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_21_09-2 FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_21_13-3 FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_21_32 FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_21_34-3 FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_21_48 FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_22_21-2 FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_22_46 FBC_Daddy_Daughter_Dance_2014_140307_23_28-3

Schiller Family

Schiller_Family_Portraits_2013101907 Schiller_Family_Portraits_2013101928 Schiller_Family_Portraits_2013101906 Schiller_Family_Portraits_2013101912 Schiller_Family_Portraits_2013101908 Schiller_Family_Portraits_2013101939

Roland Family

Roland_Adoption_Family_Photo_Shoot_131019_16_17-8-Edit Roland_Adoption_Family_Photo_Shoot_131019_16_25-10-Edit Roland_Adoption_Family_Photo_Shoot_131019_16_33-4-Edit