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Brentwood Family Photos at the Park

What a delightful session this was! With a two year old running around like a whirlwind, and a newborn with bright, beautiful eyes, the joy was overflowing. I especially enjoyed seeing this dad interact with his girls. A true pleasure to photograph 🙂
Meeker_Family_0004_Meeker_Family_0003_161207 Meeker_Family_0002_Meeker_Family_0007_161207 Meeker_Family_0004_161207 Meeker_Family_0005_Meeker_Family_0001_161207 Meeker_Family_0003_Meeker_Family_0008_161207 Meeker_Family_0000_Meeker_Family_0012_161207 Meeker_Family_0001_Meeker_Family_0010_161207

Classic Family Portraits – Nashville Family Photography

Anytime is a good time for family portraits!

Even on a cloudy winter day, a little soft window light and some smiling faces are all you need. We took these portraits in the family’s great room, with a large wall of windows to the side. The beautiful light cascading in was better than any studio flash money could buy.

With 6 children already grown and gone, this session was the perfect time to make lasting memories before their youngest son graduates. Together, we hand-selected several of the images from their session to be printed and framed on their family photo wall. Now they’ll always be able to look back and appreciate this time in their lives 🙂









Family Photos on the Waterfront – Nashville Family Photographer

For this Brentwood family, they had done the “Southern” style family photos enough in the past. They fences and barns and fields. This time, they wanted a fresh approach, so we went for a more urban look. When we arrived for the shoot, there was a slight drizzle. But rather than let that ruin the day, we just had a little fun with their umbrellas 🙂

Thankfully, the rain disappeared, and we had a great shoot!

Crabtree_Family_0001_161204 Crabtree_0005_Crabtree_Family_0004_161204 Crabtree_0004_Crabtree_Family_0005_161204 Crabtree_0003_Crabtree_Family_0007_161204 Crabtree_Family_0008_161204 Crabtree_0002_Crabtree_Family_0009_161204 Crabtree_0001_Crabtree_Family_0011_161204 Crabtree_0000_Crabtree_Family_0013_161204

Football Family Photos in Nashville!

Inspired by a recent hockey-themed session I photographed, this family chose to feature their love of football! Decked out in each of their favorite team’s jerseys, we had a playful session at Crockett Park. It was pretty cute watching their little lady run around and chase the football. Hopefully they get along this well even when their teams are facing off on Sundays!


tucker_0005_tucker_family_0005_161129 tucker_0003_tucker_family_0008_161129 tucker_0002_tucker_family_0009_161129 tucker_family_0010_161129 tucker_family_0011_161129 tucker_0001_tucker_family_0012_161129 tucker_family_0013_161129 tucker_0000_tucker_family_0015_161129

Houston Station Family Photos in Nashville

I’m excited about this session for numerous reasons!

First, because Chad the dad (see what I did there?) is a good friend of mine. He’s been a friend and mentor to me for the past several years, so it was a real joy to spend some time with his whole family. Usually it’s just us bros over coffee or brew.

Second, because we did their session at Houston Station. I’ve been spending more time over that way lately, but I’ve never had any photo sessions there before. I think you’ll agree, there are some sweet spots for shooting.

We had a great time perusing the property for an hour or so, and came away with some special shots. Hope you enjoy them!

johnson_family_0001_161116 johnson_0003_johnson_family_0002_161116 johnson_0002_johnson_family_0003_161116 johnson_0001_johnson_family_0004_161116 johnson_family_0005_161116 johnson_family_0006_161116 johnson_family_0007_161116 johnson_0000_johnson_family_0009_161116 johnson_family_0008_161116