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A Simply Sensational Smile – Sarah’s Senior Portraits

I could really just tell you to look at Sarah’s smile, and just be done with this post.

Seriously, this girl’s smile could light an entire city.

Sarah’s mom told me she really wanted to capture the “Nashville” look for her daughter’s senior portraits. Sarah goes to school out of state, and she was only home for a few days during the Thanksgiving break. We had a small window of time to help celebrate this graduating girl, so we had to make it count.

Sarah donned a beautiful, creme-colored dress and we chose Percy Warner Park as our back drop. Since the fall colors had mostly faded away, the emphasis was all on Sarah and her magnificent smile. We explored the creek and trees and even the hiking trail during our session. I really couldn’t be any more pleased with these photos. Great day, great place, great girl. Congrats to you Sarah!

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